Kid, Let's Move Mountains

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Kids, Let's Move Mountains!

Shirt with a cause.

When we started The Salt Project, we always wanted to be able to give back. That’s why we host giveaways, so we can give the same experience to you! 

This time, we’ve got a cause that’s a little closer to home. Stephanie’s sister, Kelsie the Kidney Kid, needs a kidney transplant. Kelsie is a wife and mom to two sweet gingers. The closest kidney match so far is our own Stephanie. Stephanie will begin transplant testing in the next couple weeks. We are praying she’s the match for Kelsie.

We teamed up with Fell because we love their simple, yet powerful designs. We chose their Angel’s Landing design because Stephanie conquered the hike a few years ago and loved it. The words “Kid, Let's move mountains” act as a reminder to Kelsie and our little ones they really can. 

These designs will be hand screen printed on kids shirts and a portion of each sale will be donated to Kelsie and her family.

If you’d like to learn more what it’s like to be in kidney failure, head over to Kelsie’s Instagram Feed.

Hand screen printed in Utah (90% cotton 10% polyester).